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Salt Water Chlorination

The Salt Water Experience

With a salt water pool, you will have soft, silky water... Free of the annoying and harmful
effects of conventional chlorine.

Using ordinary salt that is added to the pool water, the salt water cells generate pure, natural sanitizer year-round. 
When the sanitizer has finished purifying the pool, it reverts back into salt and the whole cycle repeats, making
salt water sanitizing the model of recycling efficiency.

And since it sanitizes automatically, you’ll spend less time worrying about your pool and more time enjoying it.
Salt water sanitizing is easy and affordable. So convert your ordinary pool into a salt water oasis today!

A Salt Water Sanitizer Model for Every Pool.

Zodiac® is the largest manufacturer of saltwater sanitizers in the world with the experience and innovations that allow us to offer a range of unique models
to fit any pool.

AquaPure Water Purification System
The Heavy-Duty Standard for Maximum Performance

AquaPure salt-water chlorine sanitizing systems use salt-water to deliver high performance water sanitation with uncompromised performance, reliability
and hydraulic efficiency. 
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Nature2 Fusion Soft
All-in-One Salt Water Sanitizer + Mineral Pool System

Unlike other products, Nature2 FusionSoft delivers a total mineral experience.
By combining a salt water sanitizer with proven Nature2 mineral technology, Nature2 Fusion Soft delivers sparkling clean pool water that’s pure, fresh and gently soothing.  It is proven to destroy bacteria and control algae without any of the harsh effects
of traditional chemicals.  No other system is this complete or easy to install, use
and maintain.
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The Intellegent Choice 
As an Authorized Dealer, Burkett’s Pool Plastering can build the perfect pool environment
with professional-grade equipment.

To learn more about salt water chlorination and other ways to enhance your pool,
please contact us or give us a call at (800) 517-3115 for a free in-home consultation.

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